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Friday, June 24, 2011

87 Princess Festival

I'm very behind on updating. I've been trying to keep up on picture taking, but it's been hard, and updating this is even harder because I haven't been able to sit on the computer for long periods of time to mess with pictures or upload them. But last weekend was the Princess Festival at Thanksgiving Point. I guess they have been having it for a couple of years now up in Lindon, but this was the first year we caught wind of it to take Kadence. I really wanted to go to see her excitement and get pictures, and Ryan came in case I needed to break they could go on without me. Phelan went to his Grandmar's and Grandpa's for the day, he had fun and got a new squirt gun. (and being a good brother, asked them to get one for his sister, Kadence, too!) So unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him for the day. By the time we got home I was pretty exhausted, but Kadence LOVED it. They had all the different princesses there (and some new ones) for her to meet and get their autographs:

Beauties and the Beast


Princess and the Pea princess took a break, so Kadence decided to try out her bed.

Arts and Crafts Tables
(She really liked these and spent quite a bit of time at them)

Ryan asleep with Kadence's new merchandise during craft time
(yes, he's sleeping)
She got a new dress up dress while we where there and changed into it immediately. (The original she wore there is in the Princess & the Pea picture)

Face cutouts to try out

And they had several short plays to watch.
This is of course is Cinderella and trying to get the slipper on the step sister's foot. Kadence didn't really care for the plays, she watched a few but mostly just loved running around to all the different princesses and doing the crafts. The Cinderella play was very good though. The step sisters were hilarious and before the play chatted Kadence up for a long time about her new dress and practiced curtseying with her. (Every princess she met she politely curtseyed to upon greeting and leaving.)

She said her favorite part was meeting Rapunzel. The other princesses would ask who her favorite princess was, and Kadence told them "All of them." I asked her when we were walking if she had a favorite, and she told me "Rapunzel, but I don't want to hurt the other princesses feelings." Such a sweet girl.
When it was over and we were leaving I asked her if she thought the Princess Festival was as good as going to Disneyland and she said "Probably better! Because it's nothing but Princesses!" She's very excited to go again next year.