My photo-journal of sorts.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 19

He's quite the Tyrant

It was another rainy day so we took the kids to Burger King to play at the play place.

Do they dare to enter that spooky old tree...?

Ryan gave Kadie his flashlight to play with in the dark tunnels... er.. slides.

My purse as it hangs from the door.

Day 18

Grandmar's for Date Night

I did my hair for our date night. We went and got Sushi with a coupon. It was soo good. And I tried some Kobe Beef sushi. It was fancy, but the fried roll was my favorite. I can't wait until we get a chance to go again.

Day 17

Bed Jumping

Yellow Soles

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Day 16

ABC's of Reading

He is pretty insistent on learning to read this book. Not just memorize, actually read it. He has it memorized, but he will only say out loud the parts he can actually read (he whispers the other parts to himself). He's been carrying it EVERYWHERE with him this past week studying it constantly. So far he has "big", "little", "hooray", "what begins with", and all the letters. I figured out this is what he knows because of how meticulous he is about ONLY pointing to the words and letters he is saying. If he goes to fast and says past his finger he makes himself back up and redo each. word. separately. as he reads and points. He'll be 3 next month. ^_^ <-- proud face

I'm so glad my kids like to take the initiative on their learning. I wouldn't even know where to begin on teaching a 2 year old to read...

Grown Up Dressing Up

She came downstairs this day all decked out in this dress, headband, necklace, and her new pink plaid rain-boots. I was very impressed because even though I never would have put any of them together, they all matched in a super cute way. I didn't feature the whole outfit in my picture of the day because I just thought the face she was making here was so atypical of her personality it was cute. She had a lot of cute poses to choose from though.

Running out of ideas of things to take pictures of on cold wet days, I took a picture of my candelabra.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 15

Enjoying the second hand toys at D.I.

Mother Hen

She is RIDICULOUS around little kids, especially babies. It's crazy. She will happily sit there and coo and fawn at them for as long as she's allowed. She pulled Enoch up to cuddle with her and was feeding him popcorn while watching Ice Age together. Mind, he is old enough to eat his own popcorn, Kadence just wanted to feed it to him.

Power Puff Girl's Cleaning

I've found sticking them up on the high kitchen chairs to watch cartoons while I sweep helps stop them from getting down and tracking my dust piles all over the floor.

Day 14

Both the kids are featured in these shots so I will just do them in the order of occurrence rather than Phelan's than Kadence's.

Pizza and Spider-Man Cartoons

I had pizza coupons so we got Papa Johns. Kadence's favorite is Pinnapple and Ham. Phelan didn't care what kind of pizza he got because we had just gotten some new Spider-Man DVD's from the library. After eating pizza they played along with Phin's action figures. Kadence was Spider-Man and Phelan was everyone's favorite villan Venom.

Teeth Brushing Time

Phelan's been super good about reminding me, he says in a singsong voice "I neeed to brush my teeeeth before beeed!" He really enjoys it. Kadie, not so much.

Naptime was over but I still wasn't ready to open my eyes. I've been feeling pretty exhausted lately.

Probably why I have gotten more behind on updating this than I originally intended. The important thing is the pictures are all there, just post processing and posting them has been delayed.