My photo-journal of sorts.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 13

Still not caught up. But I will get there eventually...

Happy Boy

I got the kids squirtguns. Phelan LOVES his. He kept squirting me and Kadence and then when we told him to stop he just squirted his own legs and died.

Kadie's Turn

She got her hair cut also now. I love it on her. She likes it too, she stole this glance in the mirror while I was shooting and then all the rest were her mugging and grinning at her own reflection.

Betty the Cat

The seldom pictured member of our family was sitting in the door way watching us play outside.

Betty the Snake

She does look like one, doesn't she? As snake like as a cat can get anyway. It's better when you can pick up her little fangs poking out too. When she looks like this mid-day I like to maul her to prevent myself from being intimidated. ;)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 12

I've gotten behind. I've still been taking pictures everyday, I just haven't had time for editing and posting them. I will catch up later. Here's Day 12 for now.

Day 12 was beautiful so we went for a family picnic at the park.

Sad Faced Boy

This is how Phelan throws fits. He pouts and is unresponsive. I don't remember what set him off this time, but it lasted until we actually got out of the car at the playground.

Picnic on the Grass

Kadence just being a girl. This was not posed, this is just how she was relaxing eating her lunch.


I don't care if they are a weed. I think they are worth having for their beautiful sunny flowers.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Bonus from Day 11

Ryan with Zaidee

She was upset and her mom was trying to clean out the rat cage so Ryan scooped her up and carried her around for a while with him.

Making Friends

Dirt Buddies; Phin and Enoch

They are our Friend's, Troy and Rebekah's kids. Troy and Ryan are friends from Highschool. I think they are about the same age difference as Enoch and Phelan too.

Day 11

Our Friend's pet rat

She was pretty unhappy to be up in the tree and was too busy to stop for any other pictures.

View from the front yard.

Day 10

It was a long day with a lot of driving and no nap.

Principal's Pride and Strep

This isn't the greatest picture, but she was really sick and I didn't want to make her do more than one.

We drove Ryan so I could go to Kadence's school for her Principal Pride award ceremony and then take her to the Doctor for what we thought was a double ear infection. Turned out it was Strep. I offered her to stay home from school but she was very excited about Art of the Ages Friday and insisted on going. It makes me so happy to see her enjoying school again.

The Cosmetic Department

He was carefully scooting up and down this ledge the entire time I was shopping.



I meant to post this one as my Day 9 picture, it was pretty late last night when I posted Day 9. This is Ryan reading up on why the dryer might be sending out sparks. Turns out the outlet wasn't grounded properly. Thankfully no harm was done and we now (finally) have a working dryer.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Day 9

I went into Kmart at 9:30pm for hair-clippers and came out with a sandbox.

Kadence has wanted one for the last couple of years but we didn't have a yard to put one in and then I thought we wouldn't be getting one because our current patio is so small and I *really* wanted to get them a pool to play in for the summer instead. I was in the toy section to pick up a couple of squirt guns in the meantime when I saw it. It was the last small one they had left for only $30. Then I used my leet bargaining skills and talked them $10 off the original price. I was so excited when I got home I barely got any sleep that night.

The next day it rained all day and the sandbox benefited no one.

Here are the pictures from the day after that of them playing in their new turtle sandbox!

Close Quarters

Cleaner than Dirt

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day 8


It was time. I was avoiding it. I loved his long soft locks and nuzzling them, but his hair wouldn't stay out of his face no matter what I tried. So during a short break in the storms of yesterday I took him outside and sheared his hair. It's cute, but it makes him look too grown up to me. It will be good for summer though and I take comfort in knowing it should be grown back by next autumn.

Being a Big Sister Entails...

This is one of the days I wish I had my real camera. The cell phone camera is pretty decent for outdoor shots, but the lowlight of the indoors leaves much to be desired. There were several cuter ones but they were too blury to salvage.

Kadence carried Phelan around a lot yesterday, she even figured out how to give him a piggy back ride which she was VERY excited about. In the morning Phelan woke up first and came with me in her room to wake her up. As soon as she was sitting up he went over and plopped down on her lap and then pinned her back down to the bed in a GIANT full body bear hug. She giggled as she wrapped her arms around him in return. I waited. A few minutes later they were still both awake snuggling but it was time to prepare for school. I told Phelan to get up so Kadence could get ready, to which he said, "But Mooom, I just love her!!!" and she chipped in "Yeah, we just love eachother." Finally, upon insistence by me, they parted, but not before several kisses were bestowed to one another. Such sweet siblings.

Snow and Blossoms

Yesterday it rained and then hailed and then snowed. All of our blossoms on the trees have been ravaged. The snow has melted again now, but the ground is still white with the evidence of the wreckage. The pitiful devastation of Spring. The temperature this morning is 32.

At least they will always be beautiful in the memories of Day 4.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 7

I can't believe it's been a full week already!

Rockin' Out

I went through the garage looking for my camera charger with no success, yet. However, I DID find Phelan's favorite toy. His guitar with the strings. He was so excited he ran around singing Kiss at the top of his lungs followed by guitar solos.

The Net

She won this for doing good work in school. Her new school is great. She's really liking the challenges it poses compared to the old school.

Well Enjoyed

This is how my little yard looks after a sunny day. Phelan brings out all his current toys to play with out there. He's even discovered the delight of reading in the sunshine and brings all his favorite books out there and plops down on the patio with them for studying. Kadence has done homework out there and vies to eat every meal there too.

Day 6

At the Playground

He had just yelled this big long dissertation at me, then he realized I was taking his picture during it and got shy.

Growing Up

I liked a lot of her pictures from this day. I may just post the outtakes as it's own entry. (Part of why it took so long to post day 6; I was having troubles deciding on ONE shot for her.)

(Click on image for larger version until I can sort out the formatting on here)

I didn't get any decent non pictures of the kids today, so instead mine is a wrap up of my bedtime silliness routine with Phin. The white stuff on his nose is Desitin. I *especially* like the last one, I've been trying to get a capture of how he points at things for a while now.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 5

Boys Like Dirt

Phelan played outside almost all day yesterday. We just had our back door open and he stayed out there for most of the day and evening up until bedtime. It's so nice having a little backyard for him to play in. He dug in the dirt, covered his foot in dirt (He was trying to look like Venom from Spider Man, he said.) and even tasted the dirt. I was taking pictures and didn't realize he had sampled it until I was looking at the picture of him I'd just taken with his little makeshift shovel up by his mouth and heard him say "Dirt is yucky. We don't eat dirt." Oops. Lesson learned at least.

Kadence On the Way Home

She had a pretty uneventful day yesterday. She played with her wordsearch puzzels during Sacrament and read her Friend magazine her grandpa gave her. She was pretty excited when she read the article on the Draper Temple in it AND saw a picture of the very room we got sealed as a family in last May though.

Walk to Church

Last Sunday I had to walk to church out of necessity. This Sunday Kadence pleaded for us to walk again. It's about a 15 minute jaunt at a brisk pace. I think next sunday we need to make it more of a leisurely stroll and give ourselves 30 minutes so we don't wind up at church all wind blown and panting. Ryan said the excursion was his favorite part of the day, I would have to agree, although the nap on the couch together was pretty good too.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Day 4

The Gunstick Holster

I was in between this one and a picture of him crying. Which is what he did. all. day. long.
But I decided to focus on the positive.
During a brief break from the crying, he found this nice little stick which fast became his "gunstick" for the day. This is nothing new, but figuring out how to holster it in his shorts was. I was quite impressed by his speed in pulling his gun out to shoot me dead and then holstering it again quick as a flash. Just call him Weeping Wild Bill...

Tutu and DS

This pretty much epitomizes Kadence's interests (other than reading): Being fancy to play video games.

The bright spot of my day.

The other night when Phelan woke up in the middle of the night with croup and we had to bring him outside in the cold I attempted to comfort him by pointing out the newly blossomed "popcorn" trees in our front yard and the sparkling stars in the sky. (He's usually never out late enough to see the stars.) I thought he wouldn't remember it, but the next morning on the way to the doctors he excitedly shouted "The popcorn trees! Look moe-ma!"

Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 3

Sleep of the Sick

Poor guy got the croup for the second time on top of a sinus infection from allergies. He got put on antibiotics and a steroid. The doctor warned me he would be cranky and irritable, but it's been more like a roller coaster ride of emotions, varying from hyper to heartbroken in .06 seconds.

Fairy Learning

I LOVE how much she loves to read. It makes my heart swell to see her go and grab a giant book (this one's a lot heavier than it looks) and plop down at the table with it all on her own. She even managed to read it all through her dinner of BLT's and peanut butter & chocolate shakes too. ^_^

Listening to the Hackoff

I don't like Sports. But I love the Jim Rome Show anyway. He cracks me up.

Day 2


He's been going around ROARing as loud as he can for the last couple of weeks now. He's been at it ever since his Aunt Joelle encouraged him to roar at his female cousins to scare them. He says he's being the black monster from Castle Crashers.

Speeding Scooter

She's fast, even on a too small scooter. That little front of a firetruck behind her is her brother trying to keep up.

Stuck In Bed

My view while cuddling Phelan. Not that I don't enjoy a good nap. Sometimes he just oversleeps me.

Day 1

Grandpa Never Stood A Chance

Phelan playing with his grandpa. He "killed" Grandpa and then decided to climb on his trophy.


Kadence and Grandmar spent some quality time painting and stamping. Kadence made a pretty killer picture of a lady bug while Grandmar painted a picture of the WonderPets.

Recipes and Lists

As a housewife this takes up a good deal of my time. I sat outside and watched the kids play while I concocted new meal ideas out of old books. The rose pen was made for me last year for mother's day by my own Rose.