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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Pictures from the couch:



Big Cheeses Revisited

Computer Play

Yoga with Daddy



Even Super Heroes Get Bruises
He's posing to show how tough he and his bruise are. He fell down outside and landed on his cheek.

Missing Teeth

Phin's Train Tracks


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[FRAMED] Giveaway

[FRAMED] is a photography website my photographer friend recently introduced me to. They do great giveaways, and this week are doing one for The Red Leaf Online Workshop. This is my submission for the giveaway: "Post a photo that you feel tells a story on your personal site or blog."

This post is for [FRAMED] you can visit the link to find out more and/or become a fan on Facebook and Twitter! and


Kadence has turned eight. In preparation for getting baptized we bought her a new white dress for her birthday and I took her out to do a photo shoot in it. Turns out to be the last pictures of her with her front baby teeth. She lost one the night before her baptism, and the other a few days later. :)

Phelan's shot.
He enjoyed running around on the golf course, and even stayed behind me when I was taking pictures of Kadence, most of the time anyway.

(Click on Pictures for larger view)

I can't decide if I like this one better in color....

or sepia tone...