My photo-journal of sorts.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 40

He's a Practicing Pro

Crazy Hair Day

Like I said, these take place before Day 38. This is how Kadie went to school for Crazy Hair Day. She said she got a lot of compliments on the craziness of it. :P

One of the kids took this, I believe it was Phin. I thought it appropriate to post one he took of ME, seeing that I'm always posting pictures of him I'VE taken. He loves getting a hold of my phone and taking pictures. I'm making dinner here.

Day 39

Grah grah grah...
Before I moved on to summer pictures I should have checked my phone folder. I forgot when I ran out of space on the Nikon I supplemented with my phone until that too, filled up. So these pictures actually all take place BEFORE Day 38. But it's too much of a hassel to delete and re-upload it, so we will just post these as subsequent days.

Tree Snacks

She's not upset, she's sleeping.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 38

Always Friends

They share a picture for this day, I was busy gardening.

The Plot.

This year was the first year we have ever had a backyard, so we contacted our landlord and asked permission to grow a garden. It's been a bit tricky to figure out but we started with lettuce, 4 various tomato plants, mint, basil, parsley, strawberries and carrots.

Rocking It

ALL of these came out of the small plot I dug up. Eventually I stopped pulling them out unless they were bigger than large marbles. Ridiculous.


Day 37


I adore this picture of him. I think it shows his impishness perfectly. What you can't see is that he is completely naked sitting on his potty. Maybe he's so excited because he knew he would get a treat if he had something to show for it afterwards...

Nerd Day

None of the kids in Kadence's school new what a "nerd" was. She asked around school and discovered, "I guess it means you are just supposed to dress wierd..." Yes. I made her a pocket protector out of saran wrap, and she's wearing one of my shirts.

Backyard View

This time of year is my absolute favorite. I love the green of the mountains. Maybe because it reminds me of the green of Virginia. This is the one season that I think the mountain views completely trump the overall beauty of Old Dominion.

I think this is my last consecutive day before the Laptop broke and I ran out of space on my camera's memory card. The last days of school were missed and part of summer break. It commences in June right before Phin's Birthday when we finally got a new laptop cord delivered...

Day 36

Sometime in June....
Compatriots Stuck Inside


So I can't find Kadence's Day 36 picture. I know I HAD one, I remember editing it. But it is now lost in my computer archives somewhere. So instead, here is a picture of her with her cousin Natalie, taken before this project started.

June Snow

If only it was surprising...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 35

I'm sick of posting these old ones. I really want to post my summer ones now, but I haven't had the time to catch them up yet. :/

Monday, July 5, 2010

Day 34

Rainy Day Activities:

He's a vigilante and I think me and my camera were the offenders.

She attached a piece of yarn to her magic wand and was playing with Betty with it.

No squirt gun use in the House.

Day 33

Silly Boy Faces

When he was a baby (18mos+) he used to look over to the side like this and say "Eyes broken". It was a game he made up and played with us. He wouldn't stop looking to the side until you "fixed them" by kissing each eye and his nose. Then they would reset. It was hilarious. He played it almost every diaper change.

Kadie's Easter Loot

I keep bringing it upstairs and she keeps bringing it back down. She finally decided to dump it recently so that she could use the bucket in the sandbox.

The Sad Inkless Printer

Day 32

I wish I was all caught up so these were our 4th of July Pictures. These were taken sometime in the beginning of June. I'm getting there...

Kadie's Roses

We have a yellow and pink rose bush in front of our house. Kadence says that's why this is her favorite place she has ever lived, not for the extra space and backyard, but because of the roses.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Day 31

Bubble Dancing:

See, I told you he was a pirate...

Day 30

He's a Pirate, just like his Dad.

Blues Traveler?

Sunset Over the East Bench