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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Easter Activities:

Saturday morning started out with the Draper Easter Egg Hunt. Although, with the number of kids to eggs ratio, it was more like an Easter Egg Dive.

Kadence got 2 eggs, but was just happy she got the pink jump rope she wanted. I'm pretty impressed she got it given her deceptively frail stature and that there was a scuffle of 5 kids going for it. I don't have any pictures of Phelan at it because it was packed so I stayed with Kadence the whole time and Ryan was safeguarding Phin. He got 3 eggs. Which Ryan said also was good because some of the kids in Phelan's age group didn't get any. Kinda ticks me off that Draper held it on the border of Draper and Riverton, instead of at the park in Draper like they did last year, because I think the majority of the participants were from Riverton not Draper. Which would be fine, except they had even less eggs/candy than last years but probably triple the amount of people there. Happily, my kids are easy to please and just were excited to go to it even though there buckets were far from overflowing.

Then we came home and Ryan helped the kids decotrate Easter Eggs:

Assembly line of colors




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